Omron Power Relay MY4N-24VDC

Omron Power Relay MY4N-24VDC
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Omron Power Relay MY4N-24VDC



Omron Power Relay MY4N-24VDC



(1)Models with lockable test buttons nowavailable.

(2)Multiple features available, includingoperation indicators (mechanical and LED indicators), lockable test button,built-in diode and CR (surge suppression), bifurcated contacts, etc.

(3)Environment-friendly cadmium-freecontacts.

(4)Wide range of Sockets (PY, PYF Series)and optional parts.

Max. Switching Current: 2-pole: 10 A, 4-pole: 5 A

(5)Provided with nameplate.

(6)RoHS Complaint.


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